Are Multivitamins Worth Taking Regularly?

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Food myths, eating habits, confusing dietary advises and scarcity of food have led to increased deficiency of vitamins and minerals in diets. Rarely do people give much thought to the nutritional value of the food they eat and those that do, at times, find it hard to have a balanced diet. When it is possible to have these nutrients in the diet, at times, they may not be sufficient. These have led to increasing in the use of multivitamin supplements making it a healthy trend with more people forming a regular habit of taking multivitamin supplements.

Multivitamin supplements contain numerous numbers of vitamins and minerals. Multivitamin supplements can be divided into two categories i.e. water-soluble and fat-soluble. Vitamins such as B and C are considered water-soluble whereas vitamin-like D and K are fat-soluble. The body easily absorbs water-soluble vitamins as compared to fat-soluble ones.

There is no a “YES” or “NO” answer to the question whether multivitamin supplements are worth using. However, the following risks and benefit can help one make an informed decision.

Risks of taking multivitamin supplements

The best multivitamin supplements are costly making them inaccessible to many. Hence, those without alternative sources of vitamins and minerals may develop health problems.

Sometimes multivitamin supplements are wrongly used (e.g. using them at the wrong time) which may make them ineffective. Worse still, there are risks of getting the wrong multivitamin supplements from unscrupulous dealers who want to make a quick buck.

Whereas water-soluble vitamins (C, B) are readily absorbed by the body and excess easily excreted, excess fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K) are stored in the body, which can cause toxicity and other side effects.

Benefits of multivitamin supplements

Multivitamin supplements provide essential vitamins and minerals that ensure the wellbeing of an individual. These multivitamin supplements also provide essential agents that boost the body’s immunity.

Multivitamins supplements also provide minerals and vitamins that keep the body healthy and capable of fighting diseases.

For some people who have health problems or those who are aged, who may not have capacity or ability to easily access some vitamins and minerals, the use of multivitamin supplements can be essential to their wellbeing.

With current dynamics in lifestyle, scarcity of some food items and living conditions, it is at times difficult to access all required vitamins and minerals from a meal. This makes it essential for one to take multivitamin supplements.

Using Spray Vitamins such as Zen Sprays Multivitamin

Whereas the use of multivitamin supplements is a personal choice, for their use to be justified and worthy, their use should be guided by professionals like nutritionists. For those that wouldn’t want to do consultations, the use of the supplements should be moderated and only taken as an addition eating food since as we have seen, there are side effects associated with the use of multivitamin supplements.

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