Innovation of Sublingual and Buccal Given Treatment by Spray

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In the modern era, practical, easiest and applicable of products are the reasons to choose the products. That is why many companies offer different packaging to get the consumer attention. One of the packages forms is spray. Room air freshener, deodorant, perfume, SPF body protection, hair mist, furniture cleaner, party foam and even supplements are all products that packaged in a spray form.

The Benefits of Spray

The products in a spray packaging have some benefits both in ergonomics way and better to keep ingredients of products. Products that packaged in a spray is not easy to get contamination or influencing of the bad environment. Products qualities are kept.

In pharmacies field, for asthma or respiratory disorders drugs general are produced by a spray. Now, the spray pharmacies products not only for asthma of respiratory disorders but also for many disorders, diseases or supplements and vitamins that produce by pharmacies companies. Even, spray can also be used for the diseases or disorders that usually treated by sublingual and buccal techniques.

Sublingual & Buccal Application

Sublingual and buccal techniques usually given by using tablets as a drugs treatment that involved placed under the tongue or between gum and cheeks. Sublingual and buccal given drug treatments are proved as the more effective and fast to get results. These are why, in sublingual and buccal given drug techniques, the drugs are easier to dissolve, absorb and enter the blood system through suppliers by capillary and blood vessels. It is more systematic because it is not influenced by metabolism process.

Because too many reasons the benefits of spray and sublingual and buccal techniques, now many pharmacies product develop it, such as spray supplements or supplement in spray packaging. Although the development before, many products of pharmacies packaged in spray, such as vitamins and mineral for face or mints herbal aroma for the mouth. Now, sublingual and buccal given drugs techniques are more developed to get the fast results as for inhalation, lingual or many respiratory disorders therapy and also usually to package the supplement and hormones, such as for human growth hormone.

As the spray supplements, supplements that used by oral with the consume way and usually available in powder, tablets, capsules and liquid, now it is also available in a spray. For example, human growth hormone (HGH) that packaged in spray now is applicable in sublingual and buccal techniques. People that wanted to applicate, it can spray under the tongue or between gum and cheek. Do not worry about the effects of spray supplements because it is more effective. Spray supplements can enter the capillary or blood vessel system rapidly and more effective to influence pituitary gland.

Specific Benefits of Spray Supplements

From the explanation above, the benefits of vitamins and minerals, supplements and pharmacies in spray packages can be listed by:

  1. Products that packaged in a spray is easier to applicate and usable to use it everywhere and every time.
  2. The scope and territory of the parts body that can be applicated is more effective. It is usable for sublingual and buccal given drugs treatment.
  3. Spray products are more practice and kept from the bad environments.
  4. With sublingual and buccal given drugs techniques, aerosol (gas) and liquid substances that packaged in a spray are easier to dissolve and absorb to the capillary and blood vessel systems.

Spray in sublingual and buccal techniques are the best products pharmacies that have to try because it is easier (it is not needed swallow capability), practical and applicable in everywhere and every time.

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