The Benefits of Oral Absorption of Supplements

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Finding the right Nutritional Supplements in today’s market can be difficult because there are so many choices available. Nutrients can enter the bloodstream in a variety of ways including injection, absorption, inhalation and ingestion. However, absorption and ingestion are the most common methods. In this guide, readers will learn the benefits of Oral Absorption as compared to the use of vitamin pills.

Liquid Supplements are the Right Option

Choosing the right supplements can be difficult, but one thing is certain: quality is vital in ensuring that the user gets the most value for their money. When users choose high-quality liquid supplements from a trusted provider, they’re sure to get everything they’re paying for, including the great health benefits.

Price and Quality

Regardless of which side of the debate a person is on, buyers want the ideal combination of price and quality. Whether supplements are sold in pill or liquid form, variations in quality and price exist. On average, pills are cheaper than liquid vitamins. However, the higher absorption rate and potency of liquid supplements make them a better overall value.

Easy Swallowing

Absorption rate is at the center of the pill vs. Sublingual Absorption debate. It’s been found that liquid has a 98% absorption rate, as compared to an 18% rate of absorption for pills. While absorption rate is crucial, today’s time-release Spray Vitamins have advancements such as higher potency and more bioavailable ingredients in each dose. Spending more on liquid supplements can provide long-term savings and greater health benefits than ingested vitamins can offer.


When bioavailability is discussed it typically designates the fraction or quantity of the dose that’s absorbed. As it pertains to liquid, the amount of absorbed product is dependent upon the patient’s ability to digest components and the form in which the patient’s body uses the component after it is digested. If the body can’t break down a pill-based supplement component during the digestive process, it may pass right through. Liquid supplements contain important ingredients in an easily absorbable form that delivers a higher dose.


If a user has ever attempted to chew a vitamin tablet before, they know just how bad they can taste. However, liquid supplement makers have done a great job of hiding these unpleasant flavors. Juice extracts, which are commonly found in liquid supplements, can provide amino acids and antioxidants that offer health benefits and improve taste.


Like pills, liquid supplements are tightly regulated to ensure that they’re free of harmful components. Some pills are full of binders and fillers, which aren’t harmful, but they provide few health benefits. Some may not see juice or water as a filler, but makers of less-expensive supplements may dilute them to keep costs low. Therefore, it’s important to choose high-quality liquid vitamins that contain the stated amount of the active ingredient.

Shelf Life

Longevity used to be a primary concern for all supplements, regardless of form. However, technology has advanced to the point where most liquid supplements have a shelf life of up to two years. Users should keep Zen Sprays in a dark, dry and cool place to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

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