B Vitamins and Your Natural Energy Level

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If you have been sleeping for the recommended 6 to 8 hours every night but still feel like you can hardly pull through the demands of daily life, insufficient B Vitamins might be the culprit.

How do B Vitamins Naturally Increase Energy?

Ideally, we should be getting our fair dose of vitamins and minerals from balanced and healthy diets. Unfortunately, more often than not our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles prevent us from making optimal food choices all the time. That is when supplementing with good quality B-complex vitamins could potentially make a difference to the quality of our lives.

How B Vitamins Provide Energy

When we consume food, our bodies go through a complex digestion system that converts the food into energy, which then powers our metabolism. To do this process effectively, we need to have a healthy level of Vitamin B12. Hence, for someone who is deficient in B Vitamins, the process of this conversion is not optimized. The result is fatigue, unexplained mood swings, an inability to concentrate or remember things, and just not being able to perform daily functions at an optimal level.

There is another important feature that B Vitamins serve – to create DNA for our new cells and to form healthy red blood cells. At a lower level, Vitamin B12 also helps to create hormones. It goes without saying that when cell regeneration is functioning properly, our bodies will be healthy, immunities strong and energy levels high. Conversely, when we do not have sufficient B Vitamins in our bodies to support this renewal process, we become overall less healthy and less energetic. In fact, a prolonged lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to permanent nerve damage if it remains undetected in the long run.

Healthy red blood cells ensure that sufficient oxygen is circulated throughout the body. When there is not enough oxygen being carried to these cells, energy production for the body is also inhibited. Hence another symptom of B Vitamins deficiency can be a tingling or numbing sensation in the hands and feet, as a result of a lacking oxygen circulation.

Who Should Take B-Complex Vitamins?

Anyone can benefit from supplementing B Vitamins. B Vitamins are water-soluble so any excess not utilized will leave the body through urine. There is thus no worry about the possibility of overdosing on B-Complex Vitamins.

However, a group of people is especially sensitive to B vitamin deficiency though so these individuals should be particularly vigilant with their supplementation. The group includes those who are on certain regular medications that can suppress gastric acid production (such as aspirin, heartburn medicine and diabetes medicine), those who have or had gastrointestinal disorders, those who are over 50 years old and finally those who are vegetarians, as B Vitamins are found in meat products.

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