will put the pep back in your step and without the crash of sugars and caffeine.

When the day is dragging the energy boosting power of Zen Sprays



and essential minerals your body needs to keep your immune system strong.

Our immune boosting formula delivers a powerful shot of Vitamin C, E, Zinc


Seriously, pills?

With our lifestyles today, we need supplements. We’re either not eating right, not sleeping enough or simply aging and our body is slowing down a bit. Who has time for pills? With our digestive system you don’t get what you pay for and pills can harm your liver. They suck to swallow and the bottles are too bulky to carry with you … Not to mention a pill burp can be the worst flavor known to man.

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Why Sprays vs. Pills?

Oral Absorption is now the preferred method of medical experts for administering nutrients (and medicine). Tests at the Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that that administering some nutrients through a liquid or spray orally can reach higher blood concentrations and can be absorbed up to 30 minutes faster then with a tablet.

A study by the Swiss research group Pharmabase found that, over a twelve-week clinical study, the uptake of vitamin D was 67% faster using an oral spray than using traditional tablets of the same strength. The absorption increased to 127% greater if the individual had insufficient levels to begin with. The National University of Athens looked at a similar comparison over a four week period and found the oral spray to achieve a 52% greater absorption than tablet pills.

The mouth is designed for optimal absorption of spray vitamins. Within seconds, vital nutrients can be absorbed through the mouth lining and delivered via the bloodstream to the various parts of the body for immediate utilization. The intra-oral method of absorption has been shown to be up to 90% effective, whereas vitamins and minerals in a pill form are only 10-20% absorbed by the body.

Spray Vitamin supplements are pure, they do not contain fillers, binders or adhesive agents, commonly found in pills or tablets. Zen Sprays vitamin sprays contain all-natural ingredients and travel easy.

  • I take your multivitamin spray every day. I’m hooked, my husband is hooked, and I’ve started spraying it on my kid’s cereal in the morning. They don’t even notice.

    Janice Briggs
    Janice Briggs Accounting
  • I keep one of your Multivitamin Sprays at home and one in my desk at work. That way I don’t miss a day. Now, Do you have something for my memory?

    Sherry Carrington
    Sherry Carrington Marketing
  • Yeah, I’m starting to get the age when everything doesn’t work the way it used to. I think you know what I’m talking about. You should call your Energy Boost spray “Arise”

    G. Manning
    G. Manning
  • As I get older, I find that I’m working harder. Your Energy Boost spray gets me through the day. Kudos for inventing this stuff.

    James Southerland
    James Southerland Manager
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